Travelling. The moment you’ve checked in your luggage, gone through security and step into the departure lounge. A sense of relief, freedom. You hadn’t noticed, but you’re smiling. Anything is possible from here.

Often when I think about my work as a coach, this departure lounge comes to mind. Where are you now? Where would you like to be? – those questions might very well initiate a coaching journey. No need for very clear answers at take off; what matters is your willingness to travel.

As your coach, I’ll keep an eye on the itinerary and the departure times. Together we’ll get from here to there. Your journey might lead to a place where you spend more time doing what you love, feeling more energised, inspired and confident.

Many of my clients work in the creative industries. This is no coincidence. Before setting up my coaching practice, I taught at the University of the Arts in The Hague and held several positions at literary publishing houses in Amsterdam and London.

Alongside my coaching, I curate and moderate events with authors and other artists. One of the most delightful notes I received after an interview read: ‘I loved our talk, you put me very much at ease and asked great questions. Please do stay in touch.’

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